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Our draught selection reflects the best in brews with a major focus on local, home-grown microbreweries.

Sample $2.00 / Glass $3.00 / Sleeve $5.00 / Pint $6.00 / Pitcher $17.00

All natural, preservative free and brewed on site, Pat’s Classic Lager contains only hops, barley malt, yeast and filtered water for clean and fresh taste.

Sample $2.00 / Glass $3.00 / Sleeve $5.00 / Pint $6.00 / Pitcher $17.00

Classic American-style Pale Ale with rich red colour, slightly sweet caramel taste and cascade finish

Sample $2.00 / Glass $3.00 / Sleeve $5.00 / Pint $6.00 / Pitcher $17.00

A light-coloured IPA with tropical fruit flavour and stone fruit aroma

Sample $2.00 / Glass $3.00 / Sleeve $5.00 / Pint $6.00 / Pitcher $17.00

A lightly hopped Winter Ale made with real Madagascar vanilla bean, dark chocolate and amber rum

Sample $2.00 / Glass $3 / Sleeve $5.00 / Pint $6.00 / Pitcher $17.00

A full-bodied, lowly hopped, export-style Scottish Ale made with Maris Otter base malt which gives it a rich, redish-brown colour and slightly sweet caramel and coffee flavour.

Sample $2.00 / Glass $4.00 / Sleeve $6.00 / Pint $7.00 / Pitcher $18.00

Malted barleys and hops carefully chosen from the Pacific Northwest and Europe create a rich, traditional porter. The addition of all natural pure blackberry provides an exciting complexity to this easy sipping wonder.

Sample $2.00 / Glass $4.00 / Sleeve $6.00 / Pint $7.00 / Pitcher $18.00

Local. Organic. Made with Integrity

Sample $2.00 / Glass $4.00 / Sleeve $6.00 / Pint $7.00 / Pitcher $18.00

An unfiltered Belgian White Ale with light & spicy citrus flavours, brewed with a touch of coriander & orange peel.

Sample $2.00 / Glass $4.00 / Sleeve $6.00 / Pint $7.00 / Pitcher $18.00

Inspired by the Four Winds in gathering flavours from around the world to create unique West Coast and European styles.

Sample $2.00 / Glass $4.00 / Sleeve $6.00 / Pint $7.00 / Pitcher $18.00

A refreshing Belgian wit brewed with fresh strawberries and sweetened with lactose. Delicately sweet and slightly tart.

Sample $2.00 / Glass $4.00 / Sleeve $6.00 / Pint $7.00 / Pitcher $18.00

Made from genuine apples with a zesty twist of real ginger for an exotic and lightly spicy cider experience.

Sample $2.00 / Glass $4.00 / Sleeve $6.00 / Pint $7.00 / Pitcher $18
Made from a blend of old world cider apples then fermented with crisp fresh table apples. A refreshingly crisp and natural alternative to beers and coolers.
Sample $2.00 / Glass $4.00 / Sleeve $6.00 / Pint $7.00 / Pitcher $18.00

At Old Abbey Ales, ‘our thing’ is beer, and our master brewer skillfully crafts every batch by hand, producing what we believe are some of the finest beers in the market.

Sample $2.00 / Glass $4.00 / Sleeve $6.00 / Pint $7.00 / Pitcher $18.00

A refreshing lager blended with ruby red grapefruit juice to create a thirst quenching beer.

Sample $2.00 / Glass $4.00 / Sleeve $6.00 / Pint $7.00 / Pitcher $18.00

This dark ale is surprisingly light, refreshing, and sessionable. Flavours of caramel, toffee, chocolate and nuts are complimented with Golding hops that add just the right amount of bitterness and a slight floral aroma.

Sample $2.00 / Glass $4.00 / Sleeve $6.00 / Pint $7.00 / Pitcher $18.00

Fresh easy-drinking lagers, traditionally-crafted ales inspired by the brewing traditions of Belgium, Germany and the UK, to the more complex flavours of specialty and cask conditioned brews

Sample $2.00 / Glass $4.00 / Sleeve $6.00 / Pint $7.00 / Pitcher $18.00


Budweiser, Molson Canadian, Coors Light, Alexander Keiths, Kokanee, Pilsner, Sleeman Cream Ale and Sleeman Honey Lager.

Anchor Steam, Asahi, Becks, Corona, Heineken, Kronenbourg, Pilsner, Urquell, Stella Artois and new Grist Gluten Free ($5.75) & Guiness ($6.50)

Grapes On Tap

Using environmentally sustainable technology, Pat’s Pub & BrewHouse has teamed up with Vancouver Urban Winery, Mark Anthony Wine Merchants & Montelvini Wines to bring you wines on tap.

8oz Glass $6.25 / Half Litre $12.00

A blend of Cabernet, Merlot, Sangiovese and Montepulciano, this wine is 100% stainless steel fermented and aged for a fruit forward and food friendly style.

8oz Glass $8.00 / Half Litre $15.00

With aromas of blackberry, plum, and black cherries this deep, rich Okanagan, BC Merlot is perfect for any occassion. With a smooth finish, this Merlot will leave you with plum and cherry notes and a hint of toffee on the palate.

8oz Glass $7.00 / Half Litre $13.00

This Mendoza, Argentina wine is robust on the palate, fruity and complex with a smooth, chocolaty richness and subtle black pepper. A long, savoury finish reveals layers of spicy complexity

8oz Glass $7.00 / Half Litre $13.00

This Marlborough, New Zealand wine is fresh and vibrant on the palate. Brimming with flavours of pineapple, stone fruit, lemon zest and herbaceousness with a crisp and refreshing finish.

8oz Glass $7.50 / Half Litre $14.00

With citrus and tropical fruit on the nose and bright acidity, spice and melon on the palate, this might just be the quintessential Okanagan Chardonnay!

8oz Glass $6.25 / Half Litre $12.00

A Blend of Pint Bianco and Trebbiano grapes, this wine is unoaked for a fresh and flinty appeal.

Grapes By Bottle

This list has been carefully selected to represented some of the best-value wines on the market.

Please ask your server for details

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